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Discover here how was the company created and who gave birth to it.

The Founder 

Gaetan Bio owner of My Eco Best friend

Gaëtan Bio

This must not be a coincidence with “Bio” as the last name! Gaëtan Bio has been interested in ecology and environmental protection for a long time.

Since 2011, Gaëtan has had a Master’s degree in translation. His thesis was related to the translation of Roberto Rizzo’s Italian book called “The Smart House” and an essay called “Ecology for everyone.”

His professional career brought him to Ireland, where he worked for a consulting firm and was active as eco-lead with the task to increase environmental awareness within the company and conduct internal environmental audits (ISO14401).

Gaëtan then got an opportunity to move to Switzerland, where he worked a couple of months as a volunteer for a company promoting sustainable development in Switzerland. He also briefly got involved in corporate social responsibility focusing on environmental management within businesses.

Aside from those eco-related topics, Gaëtan is mainly an IT Project Manager with close to 10 years of experience. Both the experience & education in the environmental protection and IT sectors was a great mix to allow Gaëtan to create the My Eco Best Friend platform.

Gaëtan currently lives in Switzerland, is married, and has a son born in 2020.

The Founder Education

Internal Auditing- ISO 14001

Energy Efficiency in building & Renewables Energy

Master Thesis - Translation  The Smart House

The Founder Professional Career

IT Project Management

Eco Lead

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Vision of the Company

  • Large range of eco-friendly products AND services from your region
  • Trustable eco-rating system
  • Support to the local economy & protect the environment
  • Possibility for users to give their opinion on products eco-friendliness
  • Donation to charity organizations active in the environmental protection
  • Fun with eco-Games & Education with eco-Learn
  • Possibility to win eco-points, track your performance, and get some rewards

Eco-Products & Services

Trustable Eco-Rating

Support local economy

Give your opinion on eco-friendliness

Give to Charity Organizations

Have fun with eco-games


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