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Save energy and preserve water with a shower flow regulator device.

In this video, Anglian water takes us to step by step to install a shower flow regulator. It is important to note that we use approximately 145 liters of water every day when we shower. However, we can save water, energy, and money with the shower flow regulator. This is because the device regulates water flow from the showerhead, keeping water and energy use. This means that you will pay fewer water bills if you have a water meter and fewer energy bills by reducing the water you are heating. The device is designed to reduce the water flow to 2.5 gallons per minute.

You do not need a professional to help you install the shower flow regulator device. The device is easy to install by hand, and you do not need any tools to tighten it. The machine fixes all showers apart from electric and mult-set models.

Get a measuring jar and turn on the shower at the most higher pressure for 5 seconds to test the device. Quickly turn off the shower when the time is up and see how much water you have collected. If the water is above 700 ml, you will benefit much from this product.

Please do not waste water, and you can water your plants. 

To install the device, unscrew your shower hose from your outlet, then screw the shower flow regulator device on the water outlet. Tighten it with your figures. You do not need any tool for this. The kit comes with two washers. Remove one washer if the shower flow regulator, and the water outlet gap is more than 2 mm. Do not remove both washers because a washer must be attached to the outlet. 

Use the 5 seconds method to test the device. You will notice that the amount of water has been reduced. Every minute you spend in the shower, you use 8 liters of water. Save one minute and save more water and money with this device. 


Author: Anglian water – Source: YouTube

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