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Get ready, something cool is coming!

My Eco Best Friend

The new European online platform that is helping you to become Eco-friendlier on a simple & fun way !

1. Eco-marketplace with trustable Eco-rating for local Eco-friendly products & services?

2. Eco-Blog to watch video’s and learn great tips & DIY tricks!

3. Eco-Games to participate to Eco-challenges & do some real actions for the environment!

4. Eco-Search to do Internet research and help protect our oceans!

5. Eco-Mobility to track your Eco-friendly journey’s (walking, cycling & using public transports)!


6. Collect Eco-points for all of the above eco-actions you do on My Eco Best Friend Platform!

7. Track your performance, compare with other users & become the ultimate Eco-Champion!

5. Get rewards the more Eco-Points you collect !

Interested? Contact Us Now! contact@myecobestfriend.com.


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