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Be a Sustainable Tourist

So what is sustainable tourism? Sustainable tourism is one of the 17 goals for 2030 by UN and it refers to preserving our planet. Essentially sustainable tourism refers to preserving our environment and the natural beauty that lies within.

Furthermore it means conducting tourism activities in a sustainable way to preserve not only what is attractive but also the rest of ecosystem as well. So before you set out on your travels make sure that you consider  how much impact  your trip has on global warming, deforestation, if any carbon footprint etc. , as well its environmental effects in terms of pollution too!

Tourists need to minimize plastics, and other harmful products and contribute to sustainable tourism by:

  • Supporting local goods and acting in a sustainable tourism way.
  • Respecting local cultures.
  • Preserving resources.
  • Traveling with the least amount of waste possible.
  • Favoring businesses that value sustainability.

It is a lazy thing to blame others for their problems, why don’t we take responsibility for it? We can start by supporting sustainable tourism!

Sustainable tourism offers benefits to both the traveler and the host like;

Local crafts and products are provided.

  • Environmentally friendly tourism concepts are followed and implemented.
  • Improvement in the living standards of local people and communities, such as tailoring tours to suit their needs, promoting ecofriendly modes of transport (such as bike rentals).
  • Instead blaming the poor for lack of responsibility this is a way that all can benefit by doing sustainable tourism whether it’s clients or hosts!

So let’s wake up and start supporting sustainable tourism before we lose it all!

And the best way to start is by starting to live, and starting to implement sustainable practices in tourist’s destinations, creating awareness by educating, promoting and enforcing sustainable practices!

Let’s save our tourist destinations and one day we can create that world class, socially and ecofriendly destination!

A well educated population is a sustainable one. Cultural tours are the way to go! Travel educators promote sustainable tourism. Volunteer in community projects such as water purification or reforestation programs. 


Author: Simpleshow Foundation – Source: YouTube

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