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How to Make Outdoor Sofas with old pallets

This video takes us through the ultimate process of creating outdoor sofas or an outdoor living room with old pallets. This DIY tip will make you save some money by buying new couches and reusing something eco-friendlier. Gather as many pallets as you can. One place to get pallets if you do not have some go through the food stores. One advantage of pallets from the food store is that they are spread with pesticide, so they would not carry pests or anything that might itch you.

Once you get the pallets laid out as they should be, go ahead and nail them. This means that you have removed the top lead dashboard and laid it the way you want. Sometimes you might see the sofa is not high enough. However, gather some pieces of wood and great legs. Remember to remove any portion of the wood that you do not need.

If you want an original design:

  1. Make sure you create thick-width four thick pillows.
  2. Pile some pillows on the sofa to determine how high your back will sit and nail some wood to create the back.

Most pallets are sprayed with pesticides, but it is good to spray them. You can decide to go ahead, and power wash it with a bleach and soap solution. This is to ensure that you will not get irritated by the wood. You can waterproof the complete sectional sofa after you paint them.

You can paint any color that you want. Also, you should do some cushion. You can get the pillow from any online store like Amazon or the nearest store. The best cushion is about 2 inches thin. Cut them into the appropriate pieces and glue together the cushion pieces that were not covered by the more significant portion. Saw the actual cover and inserted the form. Hand glue it and place them on the sofa. Protect the fabric with a scotch guard. 


Author: DIY Woodworking Projects  – Source: YouTube 


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