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There must be a minimal environmental impact for a product to be environmentally friendly. However, the raw materials shouldn’t have been developed using destructive methods. The production process shouldn’t harm the environment or consume excessive resources.

Less than 1% of textile materials are recycled into new clothes, which means many materials are disposed of as solid waste. Additionally, the clothes’ carbon footprint is kept to a minimum by minimizing the number of miles it has gone before it is sold.

As the ecological and environmental crisis worsens, we face our greatest challenge yet generation. While our ice caps melt, wildfires rage and species perish as a result of climate change, business as usual continues unabated. It’s time for a shift in perspective.

The video shows simple and easy hacks that transform T-shirts into lovely designs. These cool hacks make the shirt look good and conserve the environment. For example, the video shows how girls can make a crop top from their boyfriend’s shirt. Other key designs in this video include an elegant blouse and a T-shirt apron, and how to fold things. You can also flip your t-shirt inside out, tie the lower side with a rubber band or tie a knot.

 Thanks to the abundance of videos like this. It’s easy to get creative in accessories and DIY, which allows anyone to make their garments and accessories and express their individuality via their clothing choices? Furthermore, you can now shop for eco-friendly clothing on the internet.

You may construct necklaces, pendants, wallets, and anything else you can think of with bits of clothing that you no longer use. With this project, you won’t have to give up your sense of style because these items will be one-of-a-kind. You’ll be able to unleash your creativity and indulge your wildest fantasies.

If you throw your shirt away, there is one place that it will end up: a landfill. Indeed, the shirt will not degrade for a hundred years hence pollute the environment. This video helps to keep the environment clean.   


Author: 5-Minute Crafts – Source: YouTube

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