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100% Renewable: You can Do It

Gordian Raacke says that we have waited far too long to respond to the problem of the climate crisis, but we still can do something if we at upscale and immediately.

He insists that we must collaborate to make the world go green and adopt renewable energy.

On March 25th, 1889, he saw that Exxon Meldhis had spilled oil into Prince Williams in Alaska on a New York Times, leaving him outraged. That’s when Gordian started awakening about climate change and felt empowered.

A couple of years later, Gordian managed to build a super-energy efficient home with solar heating equipment and his wife, which made him realize that he could become a renewable energy advocate creating awareness about how we produce and use energy.

The current carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere stood at 400 PPM as of June 2018 and could rise if we continue with the emission of greenhouse gases.

Every day we are trapping energy equivalent of 400,000 Russian atomic bombs due to emitting greenhouse gases. And we have to bring these emissions to zero by 2050 if we are to stop catastrophic incidences.

To convert from a carbon-led to a carbon-free economy must adjust now.

For instance, the town of Southampton has adopted a 100% renewable electricity goal by 2025, while the city of East Hampton has adopted a 100% renewable electricity goal by 2020 and generated the equivalent 100% renewable energy for the transportation and heating sector by 2030.

In East Hampton, they offer full energy audits to offer homeowners how to make energy more efficient. The utility chip in with free thermostats to help keep homes warm around the year and help manage energy consumption much better.

The town is also the first town to have utility-scale two battery storage facilities to help meet peak demands in summer and help store wind and solar energy for later use. The city is putting solar panels on parking lots and town buildings.

Both towns have solar rise programs that make it easier for business people and homeowners to go solar and get the best purchase price.

By the end of 2022, East Hampton will have a 15 turbine off-shore wind farm in operation, the first in New York State, which will generate power more significant than the amount of energy used in the East Africa community uses annually.

Over 80 cities and regions have committed to 100% clean energy goals. The states of California and Hawaii have committed to 100% renewable energy. This worldwide movement is encouraging, and it all asks for political will and cooperation. Let’s all take the first step.  


Author: TEDx Talks – Source:  YouTube

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