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Stop Using Paper at the Kitchen

Is your desk piled up with papers? Do you stuff papers on the desk? Does your shelf contain piles of paper files? Do you even remember how things used to be when newspapers and magazines were the daily news providers? If your desk looks like a paper bomb office, then it’s time to go for a paperless office.

And moving a business to a paperless is a no-brainer business. But in the long, several advantages like a decreased paper consumption, save on trees, enabling your business to go green, among more.

Consider taking the following steps to go paper-less.

Step 1: Explore the cloud for storage space and search. For instance Google drive enables you to store information and restrict users into options of read only, read and edit, read and comment, and not view.

This method allows working remotely, easier access of documents, files and such. And if you are a team, then this may open up the opportunities to consolidate work from one location to another with ease of document sharing. If your office setup is online, it can be arranged in perfect way so that they don’t clutter unnecessarily the environment caused by pests like mice which are big polluters too who eat paper rather than food or anything else for that matter.

Step 2: Provide instructions in the business while collaborating with employees through trainings to enhance this move. Make folders for files and emails, create a list of what document is to be thrown away along the way too. And this can prove very useful for all employees in ensuring that proper documentation becomes easy to check out at case at hand

Step 3: Scan the existing documents. With the increase in technology and availability of many scanners, this is becoming easier to check out appropriately. Use scanning apps like Fujitsu Scanapp.

Make it easy for employees by getting a list of documents (this would include anything other than their own) along with specifying the required category such as legal or accounting records etc.

Step Four: Create a backup system. Your average work app needs a backup system. Dropbox would be an excellent choice for this as it is built into the same apps you are already using – Google Drive, Keep and Mail etc., This enables having your documents safe from deletion with aforesaid methods. 


Author: Joseph Brochin – Source: YouTube

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